Diversity & Inclusion

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The economics, ownership, job creation, economic development, and design of Accordia's projects are intended to reach out to all the diverse citizens and neighborhoods of Boston. It is our intent to leverage our projects to create opportunities for inclusion in equity, employment and education for all of Boston's residents.

First and foremost, Accordia's strategy for economic development is a focus on diversity and inclusion of Minorities and Women in Business Enterprises (MBE/WBE) and individual women and minorities that have often been under-represented in Boston’s economic success. Beyond the diversity within our development and ownership team structures, Accordia will have a special focus on ensuring that hiring practices and awards of subcontracts by our project team will adhere to our significant standards of participation and inclusion. In fact, Accordia Partners itself is a certified MBE, which was founded by Kirk Sykes, of Primary Corporation, and Richard Galvin, of CV Properties, coming together to form the real estate development company focusing on complex urban public private partnership opportunities in Boston and New England enhanced by their tremendous local relationships.